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Sleep is such an important health factor. Poor sleep habits can affect our cortisol levels, and as part of my health journey to reduce my high cortisol, good sleep habits have been recommended from multiple experts and reliable sources.

I've worked on my bedtime routine for several months and am sharing what I've landed on for now. I hope this is helpful for any of you trying to improve your sleep, as well!

This is my ideal bedtime routine, but life doesn't always go according to this plan. When I stick with it, I can definitely tell a difference in my energy, brain fog, and overall ability to feel like myself.

After I get my daughter in bed, I do my skincare routine and brush my teeth, even though it may be a couple of hours before bed.
This is the only way I make sure I'm taking care of my skin consistently.

Here's my current night time routine:
Countermatch Cleansing Milk
No. 2 Mist
Countermatch Intense Moisture Serum
Countermatch Sleeping Cream


Countermatch …

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